Server Rules

Game Server Rules

Players are allowed to buy and sell in-game Zeny or items using real money (PHP). You may transact with any players at your own risk.
We will not entertain any form of fraud or scam to return the scammed Zeny or Items.

GM Team will never sell Zeny or items via RMT.
We will only accept donation and you can only buy items from Donate Manager NPC.

Heart, Hunger & Harmony

In Enhanced Ragnarok, we care about our players, our communities and our the services we offer. Everyone should show Heart, Hunger and Harmony in everything we do.


As a player of EnhancedRO, you are bound to respect GMs, the Management and other players. 

Everyone should never stop thriving, setting goals and expectation. Never envy someone else’s achievements.

Let’s work together in Harmony, so we can build a better Ragnarok Online Community.

Macro Mouse/Keyboard Bot

We only allow macro mouse/keyboard for casting skills, using pots or farming credits from the activity credit points. We understand that the gameplay requires these features, but we will not tolerate anyone caught macro farming using mouse/keyboard. We will ban any player permanently if we confirm that you’re doing this for your own advantage.


PvP Skull Exploit

We have a very strict system in place that prevent or counter any players that does this act. But if our system detects or notify us about the exploit and confirm it, we will ban the player based on the damage of the exploited skull to the economy. 



Suggesting and Ranting is two different thing. You are free to suggest or criticize the server but do it with respect to the community, and the Game masters. We will listen and take note all your suggestions, but do not make a scene in front of other players, both in-game and in our discord channel, since your rant is subjective to other people’s perspective.



Avoid sending message not related to the channel purpose. We will mute, jail and ban players who will abuse the free channels we provided. Keep it clean for everyone. 

Rule on Disrespecting Game Masters (GMs):

Any form of direct or indirect disrespect towards Game Masters (GMs) will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban from the server. This includes, but is not limited to:

* Using direct offensive or derogatory language aimed at a GM.
*Indirectly disrespecting a GM through insinuations, innuendos, or passive-aggressive comments.
* Publicly questioning or challenging a GM’s decision, either directly or indirectly. (For any concerns, please file a formal complaint via private channels.)
* Ignoring instructions or warnings issued by a GM.
* Harassing or bullying a GM in any in-game or out-of-game platform, either directly or indirectly.
* Directly or indirectly accusing a GM of misconduct without concrete evidence, thereby damaging their reputation.
* Failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate and permanent banishment from the server.



Cheating is an act of deception performed through actions that are otherwise not usual or intended—gaining an unfair advantage over others.


Bug Exploiting

Bug exploitation happens when a player finds a trick and purposely reproduces it to gain an advantage. It’s a bug when the game behavior is different from what it should be. If you acquire an unexpected amount of Zeny, items, and/or experience, you must immediately report it. If the bug is high risk and requires urgent action, kindly contact Xavier. 

Once we confirm the bug, we’ll do our best to resolve and prevent further damage. However, if players have already abused and benefited from exploiting a bug, proper actions may be required to protect the server. In cases of urgent bugs, we may temporarily or permanently suspend affected accounts.



Botting happens when a player is not controlling the in-game character in real-time, but the character is still actively playing in-game. It’s not only limited to a third-party program or packet editors. It also refers to actions that exhibit performance impossible to accomplish if the operator is not signaling or paying attention to the character.


Your character and account are accountable regardless if someone else isusing your account or not, and this includes unauthorized logins. Some botting examples include (but are not limited to) AutoHotKey or a similar macro-script creation program, network packet modifications to resend packets, or recording packets to replay actions.


There’s a fine line between botting and playing. In general, players are worried about becoming a victim of the botting violation. As long as you quickly respond when asked by a player or staff, you should be okay. It’s also allowed to be non-responsive when you’re online, as long as your character is idle.


If a player is reported botting, a game master will check the legitimacy of the report before applying any sanction. Methods of verifying a report’s legitimacy won’t be disclosed to prevent aspiring botters from evading the rules.


Donation Fraud

Donation fraud happens when a player donated through Credit Card or PayPal; and once the rewards are credited to the account, they immediately issue a chargeback to refund their money and receive the donation rewards at the same time. Violators will be permanently suspended from the game. Their IGNs and involved e-mail addresses will be disclosed to the public, for everyone’s safety.



Game hacking is equivalent to penetrating our services and performing unauthorized actions to disrupt the game. We take all hacking activity seriously, and you should not perform or even attempt this. Hackers will be permanently suspended from the game and will be prevented from accessing it.


We never tolerate harassment in any form. Harassment is making one or more players uncomfortable, contrary to our aim to make players feel safe and peaceful when playing EnhancedRO. Harassment isn’t limited to chatting. It’s also applicable to voice chat in Discord, in-game, megaphone, social media, and others. Players, for their good, are encouraged to ignore or block people who are trying harass them. We’ll take appropriate actions against erring players if harassment is already excessive. Player-instigated harassment, such guild to guild and PVP drama that started from two parties harassing each other, will be ignored.


Griefing is causing inconveniences and anger to fellow players in the community through various ways, such as killing monsters in a map to prevent someone from finishing a monster quest or party quest, stacking on the same cell to cover someone else’s selling or buying store, or trolling them in Discord. Killing players without their consent in PVP Rooms and PK Area aren’t considered griefing. Players must be civil at all times; they can be competitive and humorous, but not to the extent that they’re already ruining the fun for others. Players caught griefing will be suspended temporarily or permanently, depending on the level of offense.


Spamming in-game through a whisper, trade request, discord, and our social media platforms such as Facebook, or any other officially sponsored sites by EnhancedRO, is prohibited. Players shouldn’t repeat the same message many times; there are game masters who are also moderating the community. However, we’re not online 24/7 to prevent spamming. Players should refrain from using letter-characters that break or cause malformation in any of our platforms. Players who try to disrupt our services, causing instability of the server, will be suspended temporarily or permanently, depending on the level of offense.


Threats made against anyone in the community are strictly prohibited. Threatening isn’t limited to swearing, insults, defamation, or slander. Players should also refrain from following or stalking other players outside the game, for instance, on Facebook. An example is creating fake accounts in-game, or on Discord and Facebook, to send threats to a player or a group. Anyone who will threaten a fellow player will be suspended temporarily or permanently if proven guilty.

Adult Content

Ragnarok Online is an old game, and it’s common knowledge that majority of us are now grown-ups. However, we have a diverse player base, with EnhancedRO open to anyone with internet access. Some content can be sensitive to players. We don’t encourage or permit adult content. Any discussion or remarks about it must be avoided at all times. Adult content isn’t only limited to sex and nudity, gore and violence, illegal drugs, racial slurs, other people’s issues, or any content that may be prejudicial against certain players. Players who’ll try to start or engage in such topics can be immediately muted without warning if a moderator decides that a topic is too sensitive to some players.

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