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Enhanced Ragnarok

Beyond Classic Transcendent

Embark on an epic saga in Enhanced Ragnarok, where legends evolve. A fresh take on the classic game, this unique realm combines original gameplay elements with exciting enhancements. 

Experience the evolution of Ragnarok and become the legend you’re destined to be.


Discover the intricate details of our server and embark on an extraordinary gaming experience.

Server Rates
Max Base Level99
Max Job Level70
Base Experience30x
Job Experience30x
Normal Drop Rate5x
[Normal] Card Drop Rate5x
Mini-Boss CardENABLED | PvE/PK
Attack Speed190
Max Guild Member33
Max Party Member12
Other Information
Server MechanicsClassic: Pre-RE
Available Classes2-2 Transcendent
Server Episode10.1.1 The Sign
DDOS ProtectionEnable
Game GuardGepard Shield 3.0
Account OTP1 per account
BOT ProtectionWeb Encryption/OTP
Max Client1
Autotrade AccountYes / 50 Max Level
Server LocationSEA
Real Money TradingALLOWED


Uncover the unique attributes that make us a standout choice in the Ragnarok Community.

Our One-Time Password (OTP) System is a security measure designed to ensure the legitimacy of each player in our game environment. This system is implemented to prevent unauthorized access, botting activities, and protect player’s account information.

Our Anti-Botting System is a sophisticated and automated method designed to keep our game environment fair and competitive by identifying and penalizing bot users. The algorithms to monitor player behavior for signs of botting, such as repetitive actions or abnormal playing hours.

Experience seamless party formation and embark on epic adventures with like-minded players by your side. Say goodbye to solo struggles and embrace the camaraderie that awaits you with our efficient Party Finder NPC.

Zeny functions as the lifeblood of our game, serving as the currency players use to drive a robust and sustainable economy. However, in the absence of a regulating body, the game’s economy often fails to preserve its value.

To address this, we have developed our unique Tax and Investment System, which serves as a form of economic government for the players. This community-driven initiative helps support and maintain a healthy in-game economy, with players contributing global server taxes in return for various global and individual rewards.

The Card Extent System is a specialized feature we’ve developed to preserve the value and stability of Ragnarok’s card system. Recognizing that the traditional permanent card system can destabilize the game over time, we’ve innovated a system where certain valuable cards carry an expiration date.
In this new system, players have the chance to obtain valuable cards that come with an expiration date. These cards, rather than being permanent, offer a limited period of usage, ranging from a minimum of 30 to 60 days.

Blessing or Heros’ Stones, the extraordinary miscellaneous items, possess a concealed power that unveils itself upon being carried. These mystical stones harbor hidden blessings that bestow remarkable abilities and enhancements to those who possess them.

This innovative system enhances your equipment by unlocking additional stats upon acquisition, allowing for exciting build possibilities. With guaranteed first options and a chance for second options, each piece of gear becomes a thrilling opportunity for customization and power.

Our prize pool is distributed based on a percentage allocation per category, allowing us to recognize and reward players across different playstyles and interests. We believe that the true essence of a thriving community lies in celebrating the accomplishments of all players, not just those who focus solely on competitive game advancement.

From the sea of identical servers, I saw a need for something distinct, something extraordinary. It was this vision that guided me to create Enhanced Ragnarok. I imagined a platform that didn't just blend into the crowd but stood out, shining with its own light. A world where the static, repetitive content gave way to an infusion of dynamic, exciting experiences tailored for every player's enjoyment. But it wasn't just about fresh content. I saw the echoes of problems that had been left unsolved for two decades, glaring issues that have been overlooked and ignored. I pledged to not just recognize these problems but to actually roll up my sleeves and face them head-on. It's not an easy road, but it's a journey worth taking to shape the Ragnarok we all dream of.

In Enhanced Ragnarok, we aren't merely continuing a legacy; we are redefining it. We're building on the original game's foundation, drawing from its core while daring to venture into new territories. We're committed to maintaining the heart and soul of Ragnarok while pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Together, let's redefine what Ragnarok means. Let's shape a world that speaks to the roots of the game while reaching out to the stars of possibility. Join me in this quest. Together, let's create our own version of Ragnarok - one that we can truly call Enhanced.

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