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Enhanced Ragnarok is setting the standard high in the Ragnarok Online World by featuring 3 CORE features that solve the 19-year-old problems of the Ragnarok Game. These awesome features will change the way players look and play RO. It will surely be the epitome of Ragnarok Servers for a very long time.

Our main goal is to have an equilibrium of every aspect of the game, a long-term sustainable game economy, provide constant unique and engaging content, preventing massive gaps of newcomers vs. pioneer/old players, and non-stop enjoyable journey.
It took us years to come up with solid solutions to this, and several months to develop and make it happen.


The 3 Features that solves major problems of Ragnarok Online.


Zeny is the life of the game. It’s the currency that players use to build a sustainable economy. But the game itself somehow failed to have a way to retain its value. Simply because no institution or government controls the market properly.

This is the reason why we build our very own Tax Investment System that will serve as your government. It’s a community effort to support and maintain a healthy game economy by paying
global server taxes in exchange for rewards.


A unique system that solves one of the core problems in RO. It’s the real solution to prevent game content advancement and equalize Real Money Trading.

Fairness is an important factor that affects the life span of the server, and Sealed Trade solved many aspects related to it.
It’s a win-win solution for both players and us.


The card system of Ragnarok is the bread and butter of the game, but at the same time, it also tends to destroy the stability of the game in a long-term process. We really think that Gravity failed to at least add some faucet for cards to deprecate.

The Card Extent System is a sophisticated process we develop to make sure that cards’ value and stability will remain intact.


Lear more about the game and how it is different from any server you know.


* The core items of players from beginning to end.
* Starting items of players.
* All equipment are craftable using cards, refine materials & Zeny.
* Unlockable stats based on refine level of the items.


Elunium, Oridecon, and Seal Stamp are the most essential, and important items in the game. Since the main objective is to enhance your equipment to the highest level possible.


The most expensive items players can obtain in-game. Legendary cards, Blacksmith Blessing, Treasure Chest from Regular, Epic, to Legendary Chest.


There are 2 types of Set Items that players can use in-game. One is Valkyrie Set [PvP/GvG] and Diabolus Set [PvE/Support]. The main objective of using based items is to maintain the fairness between pioneer vs. newcomers in a long-term process.

Every player is entitled to get (One Time) Valkyrie Set | +2pcs server-based accessory (Valk. Rings) and One Based Weapon of your choice. This is the best solution to enjoy the game content immediately and focus on the main objective of the game.

The main objective of the game is to enhance or refine the main set equipment to unlocked additional stats for character advancement. Players can always craft/create any based items in exchange with few items like cards [ALL], Elunium (for armor), Oridecon (for weapon), and Zeny.

Only Low/Mid Headgear will have higher tier updates in the future to prevent massive difference from newcomers vs. pioneer players. All other headgear will have their purposes and the majority will be converted to costume headgears.

You will definitely love and enjoy this overdue gameplay you deserve.


Refine Materials are the most essential and important items in-game. They hold the key to unlocked the maximum potentials of gears.

The refined materials are farmable with decent drop rates and all gears can only be crafted using Elunium/Oridecon, Cards, & Zeny. We do not sell these items on Cash/Donate NPC because it will defeat the purpose of maintaining the game balanced and fair.

To make it simple, players only need prayerslots of luck, and a decent amount of time to farm these items.

We promise to not take most of your time playing, but enjoyable gameplay you really deserve for a very long time. 

Let’s bring back the real essence of this game.

If you’re ready to achieve your first +7 or even +10 gear then download and register now and we’ll see you in-game.


We call it legendary because of the rarity of these items. It’s something very valuable that everyone can look forward to and get in a long-term process. All these legendary items are incredibly hard to obtain that require patience and perseverance.
The good news is all these items are being dropped by Boss Monsters with very low chances, some can be obtained via instances, events, and limited edition NPC releases.
To give you an overview, these items belong to the Legendary category. Incantation Samurai Card, Thanatos Card, FBH Card, LoD Card, Legendary/Epic Chest, Blessing of Blacksmith, Instant Refine Ticket (1-7 refine only), Aura’s and Seal Stamp.
We also revamped the majority of the MVP cards to give more justice to these forgotten MVPs that will definitely add up more excitement in the entire gameplay.


Max Base/Job: 255/100
Basic Rates: 3,000x/3,000x
Pre-renewal (Transcendent 2-2)
Episode 13.2: Encounter of the Unknown
Unfro/Semi-fro Server PC Client only

No Cast: 150 Dex | Atk Speed: 195
Common | Healing | Usable: 1000x/250x
Normal Equipment: 7500x | MVP: 500x (Modified)
Normal Card: 10% | MVP Card: 1-4% | Legendary: 0.50% – 1%
Oridecon: 10.00% | Elunium: 10.00%
Enriched Elunium/Oredicon: 1% | Blessing of Blacksmith: 2%
Legendary Chest: 0.50% | Epic Chest: 1% | Rare Chest: 5%


Economy and Refine Based Server
No Gold Room 
Multiple Proxy Support [ Asia, SG, EU, and more ]
Donations are all costumes.
Guaranteed Play2Win Server
No Item Tier Updates [ To Prevent Huge Player Difference ]
No Lighthalzen Cards
Job Classes Costumes for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th
50% MvP Spawn Time reduction
x2 All monsters spawn rate
PK Enabled on MvP Maps
Max of 3  Clients
Macro Mouse/Keyboard Enabled.


Basic Command
@warp, @go, @iteminfo/@ii, @mobinfo/@mi, @help, @rates, @security, @storage, @whereis, @whodrops, @checkpoints, @request, @changeleader, @buyitem, @sellitem, @invest, @userxp

Useful Loot Commands
@loot, @alootid, @autoloot, @autoloottype, @ignoredropitem

Market Commands
@govend, @autotrade, @market, @marketkill, @whobuy, @whosell

WoE, PvP, GoD Commands
@woe, @joinpvp, @changegm, @godwarp, @packetfilter, @filterattack, @duel, @invite, @accept, @leave

Homunculus & Pets Commands
@hominfo, @homstats, @homtalk, @pettalk

Misc. Commands
@refresh, @request, @resetpost, @time, @showexp, @showzeny, @hold, @noks, @resetpost, @time, @showexp, @showzeny @noask, @showdelay, @uptime, @getcash, @claim, @investreward


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