Game Masters

Awesome Team of Enhanced Ragnarok


The brain of Enhanced Ragnarok. He conceptualizes the most ambitious features of Ragnarok Online to make the game even better and a one-of-a-kind Ragnarok Private Server you will find in the community today. His goal is to provide the most stable Ragnarok game economy, and enjoyable content of the game without sacrificing the fairness and balance of the game. His ultimate goal is to help other players earn while playing.

The only person that can create items, provide updates, and changes to the server.


John Dela torre

* Xavier *

Game Masters

Carefully chosen by the founder. Most of them are immediate family members and trusted friends. They will only serve as a game representative that helps in answering questions, and other game-related stuff or events. They are hired and well paid with real money to do their job as an employee and not a player.

[GM] Meteora

Meteora is my brother in real life. He is responsible for item creations and testing.

[GM] Nyx

Nyx is responsible for the content of the website and answering/helping players query.

[Core Dev] Mark

Mark is a backend developer. He's the one who made all Xavier's ideas possible. *Anything is possible for him*.

[Dev] Insanity

Another awesome Dev. Mostly develop complex NPC scripts and other source modifications.